Manufacturer of metal items, such as:

  • pins, bushings made according to the standards UIC, NS, BN, BS, EN and for individual projects hardening induction hardened and not hardened;
  • break pads casting;
  • carburized suppositories, friction mushrooms, snap rings, discs, screws and special nuts, shafts, axles;
  • metal bowls, placemats, bands for tanksand other items rolled and extruded;
  • tow hooks, latches and other components form-fitting cut with plasma and oxygen;
  • security, regulatory shims and other stamped elements;
  • beam hangers, ties, links and other machined forgings;
  • tin cups, pads, bands for tanks and other rolled and extruded elements;
  • tow hooks, latches and other elements cut with plasma or oxygen in shapes;
  • wheel tortuous, panels for transport documents, wick lubricators and other elements bent on cold, heat and welded;
  • isolated brush holders;
  • other elements made by tooling mechanical machining.

Additionally, we offer:

  • technical support;
  • possibility to work with CAD/CAM files provided by the client;
  • possibility to produce CAM files.