Metal Products Factory RESTAL Elżbieta Rembiasz with headquarters in Starogard Gdański is a production company with over 40 years of experience in the metal industry. The main pillar of our activity is the production of parts and components made of steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics, such as polyamide and textolite.

We work for various industries, producing elements based on customer documentation or the applicable PN-EN, BN, ZN, DIN, ISO, UNIF, OT standards. The main goal of the company is to manufacture parts that will meet all the customer’s quality requirements , by following all procedures aimed at minimizing production errors. Our approach to each project is the same. We check the documentation when there is a need – we advise our solutions, we make a precise valuation in order to meet the customer’s requirements .

We do our work the best we can. Each employee of the company is involved in the correct implementation at every production stage. We are all one team.

Our manufactured elements are designed to fulfill their functions in the best possible way and further build our brand with new customers.

We have completed many projects ranging from bushings, pins to advanced parts that few companies undertake.

We have been trusted by many clients , ranging from local entrepreneurs through Polish companies, ending with international corporations with their headquarters all over the world. Our goals are clearly defined, we always carry out our tasks with 100% quality and full commitment.

A good supplier is the most important business partner. Remember – if you have any questions – we are always at your disposal.

We invite you to cooperation

The ZWM Restal team

We invite you to cooperation
The Restal team