Quality Control

The main goal of RESTAL is to ensure the highest quality of services provided, in accordance with the client’s requirements, and to comply with all the required standards. The Quality Management System implemented in the company provides a comprehensive approach to quality and production optimization . By creating an environment in which both the top management and production employees ensure the highest quality of products, the number of errors has been reduced to a minimum. Systematic controls allow for standardization of production and immediate reaction to problems related to quality. Quality control covers every stage of the production process(from raw material delivery to the warehouse, final inspection and shipment to the customer), diagnosing where the problem occurs and implementing corrective steps to eliminate its occurrence in the future.

Each raw material used for production has a 2.1 or 3.1 material certificate and is additionally verified by the Quality Control Department.

For each finished element made by RESTAL, an Acceptance Certificate 2.1, 3.1 or 3.2 according to PN-EN 10204: 2006 standard is issued.

In addition, at the customer’s request, it is possible to issue a Warranty for the element being made, as well as permanent marking of the element by engraving.

All devices and control and measurement tools used in the production process are systematically tested and have valid calibration certificates.


Over 200 calibrated control and measurement tools from companies such as: TESA / Hexagon, Mitutoyo and Struers , including:

– automatic hardness tester:

– optical and depth measurements,

               – hardness measurement using the HRC, HV, HB method ,

               – reading the size of the imprint using a thermal imaging camera

                – ensuring optimal repeatability, efficiency and precision

– automatic altimeters integrated with a PC with a granite measuring table

– Electronic profilograph for measuring surface roughness testing in Ra, Rz, Rq

– A set of three-point electronic bore gauges with a measuring range of 6-200 mm , integrated with a PC,

 – A set of electronic micrometers with a measuring range of 0-100 mm integrated with a PC

– An instrument for  measuring the thickness of galvanic and paint coatings